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Derby Dragons
Derby Dragons

Welcome to Mrs. Cole's Sixth Grade Science!

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Follow the directions to create an account. Once you establish your own account you may use this resource throughout the school year. NOTES TO NOTICE: The on-line textbook is searchable. It includes many useful items such as: Chapter summaries, reading checkpoints, printable-guided reading book notes, practice quizzes/tests, audio books, pre-reading strategies, SQ3R-How to read a textbook, writing strategies,turning questions into statements, as well as simple lab activities that can be tried at home, with approval of an adult.

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Sixth Grade Science Curriculum: Topics
Observations and Inferences
Take a Tour of the Textbook

Chapter ONE - - Populations and Communities
section 1: Living Things and Environment
section 2: Studying Populations
section 3: Interactions Among Living Things
section 4: Changes in Communities

hybrid project

Chapter TWO - - Ecosystems and Biomes
section 1: Energy Flow and Ecosystems
section 2: Cycles of Matter
section 3: Bio-geography
section 4: Biomes
The Lorax

Chapter THREE - - Living Resources
section 1: Environmental Issues
Kenya Help the Girls
section 2: Forests and Fisheries
section 3: Biodiversity
section 4: Search for New Medicines

Chapter FOUR - - Land, Water, and Air Resources
section 1: Conserving Land and Soil
section 2: Waste Disposal and Recycling
section 3: Water Pollution and Solutions
Study Guide: 4-1, 4-2, and 4-3
section 4: Air Pollution and Solutions
section 5: Integrating Earth Science: Global Changes in the Atmosphere

Chapter FIVE - - Energy Resources
section 1: Fossil Fuels
section 2: Technology & Design: Renewable Sources of Energy
section 3: Nuclear Energy
section 4: Energy Conservation

Chapter ONE - - Plate Tectonics
section 1: Earth's Interior
section 2: Convection and the Mantle
section 3: Drifting Continents
section 4: Sea-floor Spreading
section 5: Plate Tectonics
Review for Plate Tectonics

Chapter TWO - - Earthquakes
section 1: Forces in Earth's Crust
section 2: Earthquakes and Seismic Waves
section 4: Earthquake Safety

Chapter THREE - - Volcanoes
Raisin lab.JPG

Making a model of volcanic activity using rising, falling, and flipping raisins.

section 1: Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics
section 4: Volcanic Landforms

Chapter FOUR - - Minerals
section 1: Properties of Minerals
section 2: How Minerals Form
section 3: Technology and Design: Using Mineral Resources
Lab: Mystery Minerals

Chapter FIVE - - Rocks
Crayon Lab (Rocks).JPG

Showing the rock cycle with crayons.

section 1: Classifying Rocks
Lab: Introduction to Rocks
section 2: Igneous Rocks
section 3: Sedimentary Rocks
section 5: Metamorphic Rocks
section 6: The Rock Cycle
25 Strangest Geological Formations on Earth
Post Game Show Wrap Up

Chapter TWO - - Weathering and Soil Formation
section 1: Rocks and Weathering

Chapter THREE - - Erosion and Deposition
section 1: Changing Earth's Surface

Chapter FOUR - - A Trip Through Geologic Time
section 1: Fossils
section 4 The Geologic Time Scale

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Character Education Partnership Announces 2014 National Schools of Character Finalists.  Derby Middle School is one of two finalists for the state of Michigan.
Character Education Partnership Announces 2014 National Schools of Character Finalists. Derby Middle School is one of two finalists for the state of Michigan.


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